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3,预处理训练数据集并需要把txtfile转换成sequenceFile(mahout处理的文件必须是sequenceFile格式的)。命令:mahout org.apache.mahout.classifier.bayes.PrepareTwentyNewsgroups -p /home/XXXXXX/hadoop/mahout/mahout-distribution-0.6/examples/bin/work/20news-bydate-train -o /home/XXXXXX/hadoop/mahout/mahout-distribution-0.6/examples/bin/work/bayes-train-input -a org.apache.mahout.vectorizer.DefaultAnalyzer -c UTF-8

4,将work下的bayes-train-input放到hadoop的分布式文件系统上的 20news-input。命令:hadoop dfs -put /home/XXXXXX/hadoop/mahout/mahout-distribution-0.6/examples/bin/work/bayes-train-input 20news-input

5,用处理好的训练数据集进行训练得出分类模型即中间结果。命令:mahout trainclassifier -i 20news-input -o newsmodel -type bayes -ng 3 -source hdfs

查看分类模型的内容:命令:hadoop fs -lsr /user/hadoop/newsmodel;还可以导出到本地的txt格式查看:命令:mahout seqdumper -s /user/XXXXXX/newsmodel/trainer-tfIdf//trainer-tfIdf/part-00000 -o /home/XXXXXX/hadoop/out/part-1



6,用模型测试。命令:mahout testclassifier -m newsmodel -d 20news-input -type bayes -ng 3 -source hdfs -method mapreduce


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